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Adding flavour to your soul 
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From your kitchen to your cosmetics saffron is the spice of life.
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Explore the benefits of the
sunshine spice
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Learn about Saffron's rich and colourful history. 

ISO 3632 Certified

Independently Tested

Quality Taste & Aroma

Grade 1 Negin Saffron

Award Winning

Speedy Delivery


I have been using KOS' incredible saffron for nearly 4  months now on daily basis and I cannot see myself stop doing so. Friendly, fast, and highly responsive, their customer service is exceptional! Not only have KOS' saffron affected my mood and energy levels positively, but it has also contributed to my intermittent fasting in a very beneficial way. Consuming saffron daily gives me energy, positivity, and kick-start my days.

- Dara

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