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Our Family

We would like to give a huge thank you to all of our advocates who have helped us along this incredible journey.


We are humbled by this experience and the support we have received. 


We believe that only collectively can we end violence and fear by standing strong together in the name of love.  


Our kinships of change-makers are what make this all possible. 

Our family, team & supporters

From the women farmers making a stand, our KOS team building structure, our partners support & guidance, to finally our loyal advocates spreading the love.  


Working together there is nothing we can’t do. We believe when we put an end to the war within ourselves, we can transform the World around us.  

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KOS Aficionados

KOS Friends

KOS Advocates

Saffron Farmers

KOS Aficionados

Our UK based family has been structured to help promote the amazing harvest from the Afghan women saffron farmers.  


At the head of the family is Harris Qais providing direction as we navigate across these unknown lands.  

The rest of our immediate family is made up of a special kind of Superheroes whose passions are about making a positive impact for others by continuously working on being the best individual they can be.


‘We know that in order to give love to the work that we do, we must first give love to ourselves. This doesn’t always happen easily but that’s why we have the support of the family to help’

 – Chief Happiness Officer  


Whilst we are a remote working family of strategists, creatives, techies, and specialists, we are all united by Living the Saffron Way.  

KOS Advocates

Our Advocates are truly a special part of our wider family. Consisting of our loyal fan base who proudly stock our Saffron in their homes and even commercial kitchens. Along with our partners in believing and organisations who endorse are mission. 

We are continuously grateful for the work our advocates do in spreading the work that we do and promoting our delicious Saffron.  


It is important to us that we treat all our advocates as family by showing them how much we appreciate their support and always giving care and joy in our kinships.  

KOS Friends

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KOS friends include the following organisations...

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Afghani Women Saffron Farmers

At the heart of what we do are the courageous and wonderful women saffron farmers in Afghanistan.  

We call these women courageous and rightly so, because to do what they do with the external challenges they face is nothing but courageous.  


We are in awe of their strength and continuous grace as they take it upon themselves to provide for their children in a land that has actively discouraged them to do so.  



We would love to share their individual stories for the world to see but for most of the women they have concerns over safety issues in doing so. One day soon though we hope to free these women from their fears and deliver peace of mind for them to thrive.