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Our Purpose

"He had then a dream, so vivid and wild, 

To help a country he had left when he was just a child. 

To instill happiness wherever he goes,  

And to spread the wonder of Saffron to all those he knows. 


His passion for truth helped his words to drive, 

And so, he began to see his mission thrive. 

In mother-tongue, he spoke to the people of the great land, 

Saw their attitudes and resilience, and so offered them his hand.” 

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The KOS mission

"To cultivate the best environment so that we can reap the purest Saffron and share the joy of life with everyone."

What we are doing 

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Regenerative agriculture goals include:

  • Naturally nurturing the terrine where our Saffron is cultivated providing simple organic care to the soil.  


  • Protecting the local biodiversity surrounding the Saffron meadows.  


  • Ensuring our consumption & production practices are kind to life below water and life on land.  

How we are doing it

With our core organizational and personal values...


"Everyone deserves to live their lives in good health. Individuals' physical and mental wellbeing are the cornerstones for creating great social health."

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"To inspire an inclusive world for everyone, we openly wear our hearts on our sleeves so that we can collaborate and add value to others authentically."

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"We feel we have been gifted with this precious existence, so we aim to live each moment with joy in our hearts and help others find the joy within."