The Sunshine Spice

Your health deserves only the best Grade 1 Afghan Saffron. 


Saffron’s popularity in modern clinical trials continues to gain more buzz but this ancient spice has been used for centuries by sagas, rulers, and even armies, who recognized the power of Saffron.

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Here are some of the common benefits saffron is used for treating …  

Reducing the inflammation in the gut 

Mild/moderate Depression

Alzheimer’s & Dementia

Menstrual cramps & menopause

Skin repair & rejuvenation

Aiding in good eye health

Active components

Contains a 'rainbow' of vitamins.

A good source of B Vitamins,

which are responsible for energy production & mood regulation.

Contains a special blend of carotenoids,

which are antioxidants protecting cells from free radicals. 


Discover more on the

Benefits of Saffron....

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(sources included) 

Neurological &

mental health impacts

With an aging population and mental health concerns on the rise, more natural solutions are being explored to help protect our precious nervous system. 


The neurological networks and chemicals that run throughout our bodies play a virtual role in our longevity and the health of our emotional world. 

All too often in the case of our nervous system, it's a case that less is more, reducing artificial consumptions and taking a simple mother-natures touch. 

Our entire senior team has experienced first-hand the impacts of Alzheimer's Disease and depression. This is why we have meticulously researched all available scientific papers on the impact Saffron can have and we are passionately determined to help with ongoing research & development in Saffron.


Past clinical trials have investigated the impact of Saffron on brain health through its natural antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective qualities.


It seems that due to the combination of saffrons' impact on the blood & nervous system it can help to regulate and improve the production of the neurotransmitter serotonin. This is likely why Saffron has gone face to face with the leading antidepressants and found to be just as effective. 


Extract from a study...


“In this double-blind, single-center trial and randomized trial, patients were randomly assigned to receive capsules of saffron 30 mg/day (BD) (Group 1) and capsule of fluoxetine 20 mg/day (BD) (Group 2) for a 6-week study.

Saffron at this dose was found to be effective, similar to fluoxetine in the treatment of mild to moderate depression.”

Noorbala AA, Akhondzadeh S, Tahmacebi-Pour N, Jamshidi AH. 

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