Saffron Quality

Why you’ll love us… 

It is pure and simple!  

Our Saffron is the epitome of Quality. 

King of Saffron products contains only Natural Saffron with no chemical fertilizers or additives.  

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We ensure...

Quality Sources: 

We work directly with the farmers to help look after the Saffron Meadow soil and only the best C.Sativus Corms are used. 

We also use scientific research papers as references for Saffron's health benefits.

Quality Service:

Your experience with King of Saffron matters to us and we always aim to care and nurture for our relationships.

We deliver peace and mind and on time. 

Quality Saffron:

Cultivated with love by Saffron experts who appreciate the delicate touches in life make all the difference between good and great Saffron Quality.



Afghanistan is recognized by the International Taste & Quality Institute as the Number 1 producer of Saffron. 


Independently tested, our Saffron is compliant and certified with ISO 3632 standard and FDA approved. 


We work with international agencies to ensure are efforts directly improves the lives of the saffron farmers and their communities.  

Why is quality important to us?

We are committed to educating consumers to help end the fraudulent trade of saffron. 


So that genuine Saffron farmers can be fairly compensated for their meticulous attention and dedication.