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Saffron Uses

A spice more precious than gold. 


To understand why to use saffron is to know what makes saffron special in the first place.


Saffron is in a class of its own when it comes to your spice rack. Whether sweet or savory, as a drink or in food, saffron applications are elevated beyond the kitchen.  

How would you infuse this Red-Gold into your flavour?

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A quality sensory experience

Saffron contains three main pharmacologically active compounds 

Taste of pure luxury
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Expressed as Picrocrocin, which is responsible for the bitter taste.  Picrocrocin is the best authenticity biomarker used for testing for genuine Saffron.

Colour for the heart
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A rare water-soluble carotenoid, Crocin is responsible for Saffron’s deep red colour. It fights against free radicals, protecting cells and tissues against oxidation 

Aroma for the soul
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Expressed as Safranal, which is responsible for Saffron’s unique smell. It has been proven to have high antioxidant potential and a relaxed awakening aroma.  

For any industry

Saffron truly is the spice of life because it can be used across a wide variety of cuisines and industries from…  

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Food and beverage

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Know your quantities

For those who have never cooked with Saffron before, we figure it might be daunting to know how to get the best out of your Saffron.


Because using too much can be wasteful and potentially overpower a dish or using too little might not achieve the desired results, especially if you use a lower quality of Saffron.  

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For at home cooking you will need between 3 to 9 stigmas to flavour one dish for one person.

... and use quality saffron

Never skimp on quality… 

No matter what you use Saffron for, the better the quality the less you need to use, the longer it will last and the greater the taste, smell, and colour will be.